Cubic Hauling, a dumpster rental company in Colorado Springs, was hired by a roofing contractor to provide concrete recycling dumpsters to haul away concrete roofing tiles from a home. The home suffered hail damage from the August 6th 2018 hail storm, that produced baseball sized hail.

The home is located near the Broadmoor Hotel and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and is situated on the end of a steep private road. Due to the steep road, larger trucks were unable to access the to access the location, and would not be able to turn the trucks around. As a result, the homeowners assocation and roofing contractor decided to hire Cubic Hauling, who specializes in smaller mini dumpsters. The smaller trucks and dumpsters could be delivered and removed from the site without causing damage to the road, homeowners driveway, and surroundings.

In all 5 dumpsters were delivered and removed in a sequence as needed by the contractors schedule. Because of the heavy weight of these concrete roofing tiles the dumpsters were placed at the edge of the roofline and placed on driveway protection boards giving the workers easy access to the dumpsters from the roof and assuring the roofing contractor and homeowner that their driveway was protected from any damage.

Approximately 30 Tons worth of the concrete roofing tiles were removed from the roof, hauled away and recycled by Cubic Hauling. The concrete tiles were later crushed into small ¾” aggregate and turned into roadbase to be used again.

If you need a concrete recycling dumpster in Colorado Springs, give Cubic Hauling a call at (719) 649-1417. We are a locally owned and operated dumpster rental company in Colorado Springs.

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Cubic Hauling offers dumpster rental Colorado Springs and the surrounding metro areas, for roofing contractors and construction projects. We serve commercial & residential customers for construction cleanup, junk removal, hauling, recycling, waste removal, and more. To order a dumpster, call (719) 649-1417 or submit a Request Online.


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