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Moving Dumpster Rental

Do you need a moving dumpster because you have recently sold or purchased a home and in the process of making plans to move? Maybe you find yourself deciphering what belongings you wish to keep and move with you or trying to decide what items need to be trashed. You are asking yourself a lot of tough questions:

  1. How will these items fit into my new home?
  2. Do I really need these items anymore?
  3. Should I sell or donate some of these items?
  4. How much trash will I generate in this upcoming move?
  5. Will I have enough time to decide what to do with all these belongings?

Odds are that you have generated a lot of junk, possibly years worth of clutter and unwanted household goods that need to be disposed of. There’s no better time for everyone in your family to purge themselves of all of their old, unwanted junk than when preparing for a move.

Cubic Hauling offers the most convenient solution to managing this excess junk and clutter generated during the moving process through our Clean Out and Moving dumpster rental service. Having one of our conveniently sized dumpsters available for rental will help assist and empower you to come to terms with your trash in the most affordable way. Some common uses for renting a dumpster from Cubic Hauling during any phase of a move include:


-Removal of unwanted clutter and household goods that are unusable and need to disposed of.
-Property clean up inside and outside prior to walk through at closing.

Moving Day:

-Disposal of those last minute items that cannot be left behind or possibly even fit in the moving truck

Post Move:

-Packing material and boxes generated from unpacking
-Belongings that won’t fit or be of any use in your new place
-Clean up and de-clutter your new property both inside and outside from junk left behind by the previous owner

Give Cubic Hauling a call so that we can help simplify your upcoming move as it relates to trash removal. We have assisted numerous customers moving and or doing a clean out in the past and would be happy to assist you! We will help you determine the correct size dumpster for your moving needs and happily assist you with any questions.

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Cubic Hauling offers Moving and Cleanout Dumpster Rental in Colorado Springs and the surrounding metro areas. We serve commercial & residential customers for construction cleanup, junk removal, hauling, recycling, waste removal, and more. Call today at (719) 649-1417 for a free estimate!

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